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Food We Can Rely On: Snack Reviews

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Food And Drink Pereg Kañiwa – Baby Quinoa This little grain goes by many names including kañiwa, quechua, cañahua, and baby quinoa (because it looks & tastes similar to its botanical relative: quinoa). It cooks up with a crunchy texture to make a nutrient rich, delicious breakfast or dinner. $4.70, Beetology All five varieties …

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snack and drink guide

Sometimes it’s hard to trust food these days, with questionable ingredients lurking about. So we’ve created Healthy Magazine’s food guide. Snacks Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze (Healthy Magazine Favorite) Whole grain, gluten free oats and fruit make these portable snacks a delicious and healthy option. Our favorite flavors are apple quinoa cinnamon and maple pear …

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kind of healthy chocolate

They’re not exactly a healthy snack to rely on every day, but better for you than a Snickers. And they taste great. Pascha Chocolate can be a hazard for kids with food allergies. The creators of Pascha set out to make pure, safe chocolate, nut-free, gluten-free, soy-free. Antidote Mango + Juniper, Almond + Fennel, and …

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